an anthropomorphic bee with long hair and fluffy neck floof, smiling and resting right hand on left elbow. lower left hand is waving at you.

I made this model with Blender!!!!

A Brief Description

Hi, I'm suspiciouslyBee, my pronouns are she/they. I am a cute honeybee dragon on the internet!! (... i need to revise that model i made) I have ADHD Combined type and I like retro computing, and computer hardware is a special interest of mine. I also have a huge special interest in VR, and i also really like stationary, like cool mechanical pencils and crazy notebooks. I am a bit of a nerd, I'll admit. :3

I am really bad at describing myself, so I tend to rely on how others describe me. People have told me I'm a bit of a mediator, and pretty determined, but also adorable. I've been called an emotional support animal too?? (wtf!!) I try my best to be thoughtful and I try my best to make sure the people I deeply care about are taken care of.

I like all sorts of games! I spend an awful amount of time tinkering in Resonite when I'm not crazy busy with college. My most favorite story game I've played is Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling. That game is really fun and is a really powerful story, and it also made me realize I'm a bug (hehe). I also really liked Purrgatory! It's a short visual novel game about existing in a dorm you can never leave (bc its purgatory lol) and it made me Feel. Play it.

I also (try to) stream on Twitch every Wednesday Somethings and Saturday Mornings!

I'm studying Computer Science!! That's right, I'm a broke college student! I am trying to get my bachelor's degree in it. also im queer AFFFFF. agender, and i do not owe you androgyny.

I HAVE A WEB BADGE (courtsey of my friend Zenith thank uuuuuu)

Site info

I wrote almost all of this website by myself (except the twitch integration, that was me bashing my head on the wall with chatgpt and twitch api docs), I even made this god damn background. I'm happy this site looks and runs great!!! I would consider this website in an "Alpha" stage I suppose. I am sporatic with updates since I don't have a tool yet that allows me to easily compile "posts" to here (neocities is a static webhost). If you do know of a good affordable webhost with server-side scripting, let me know. (i'd love to learn to dabble with PHP or something haha).

I also need to migrate to a new guestbook, the one is apparently shutting down? I need something simple and different where half the page ISNT ads. Maybe ill make my own! idk

Support Me?

I am a broke college student trying to survive and not become homeless, hopefully without crushing amounts of debt. If you would like help me afford rent, food, or something neat, I would be deeply honored. $Mystery486, @suspiciouslyBee, Twitch Donation Page.