Me, a bee with long hair and fluffy neck floof, smiling and standing holding up my upper left claws and palm, while the upper right is relaxed to my hips. My lower pair of claws are tapping their two index claws together like that meme 'is for me??'

Artpiece by @roachtoon@tumblr.com

A Brief Description

Hi, I'm suspiciouslyBee, my pronouns are she/they. I am a cute honeybee on the internet!! I have ADHD Combined type and I like retro computing, and computer hardware is a special interest of mine. I also really like stationary, like cool pencils and paper. I am a bit of a nerd, I'll admit. :3

I am really bad at describing myself, so I tend to rely on how others describe me. People have told me I'm a bit of a mediator, and pretty determined, but also adorable. I've been called an emotional support animal too?? (wtf!!) I try my best to be thoughtful and I try my best to make sure the people I deeply care about are taken care of.

I like all sorts of games! I do spend a lot of time playing multiplayer games like TF2. My most favorite story game I've played is Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling. That game is really fun and is a really powerful story, and it also made me realize I'm a bug (hehe). I also really liked Purrgatory! It's a short visual novel game about existing in a dorm you can never leave (bc its purgatory lol) and it made me Feel. Play it.

I also stream on Twitch every Wednesday Somethings and Saturday Mornings!

I'm studying Computer Science again!! I'm a broke college student once more! I am trying to get my bachelor's degree in it. also im queer AFFFFF. agender, ace, and i do not owe you androgyny.

I HAVE A WEB BADGE (courtsey of my friend Zenith thank uuuuuu)

Site info

I wrote almost all of this website by myself (except the twitch integration, that was me bashing my head on the wall with chatgpt and twitch api docs), I even made this god damn background. I'm happy this site looks and runs great!!! I would consider this website in an "Alpha" stage I suppose. I am sporatic with updates since I don't have a tool yet that allows me to easily compile "posts" to here (neocities is a static webhost). If you do know of a good affordable webhost with server-side scripting, let me know. (i'd love to learn to dabble with PHP or something haha).

I also need to migrate to a new guestbook, the one I'm using has suddenly has an unacceptable amount of ads. I need something simple and different where half the page ISNT ads.

Support Me?

I am a broke college student trying to survive and not become homeless, hopefully without crushing amounts of debt. If you wanna maybe help me afford lunch or afford tuition or something nice, I would be deeply honored. $Mystery486, @suspiciouslyBee, Twitch Donation Page.